The Chough is not confined to the coast of Cornwall and neither are the services of Chough Fire Safety Associates. We provide services throughout the UK & Ireland.

From our facilities located at Victoria Business Centre just off the A30, we can provide bespoke fire/risk management courses including live fire training. Alternatively we can travel to clients’ locations to save travel and any staff downtime costs. We also have the facility to mix and match online with face-­to-­face training using our Internet based risk management system.

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Bespoke Service

Over 100 years cumulative fire safety knowledge

Fire Advisory Services in Cornwall and throughout the UK

Fire Advisory Service

We can assist you through the organisational fire safety life cycle of your buildings and management obligations from design, procurement and construction to occupancy risk assessments, remedial actions management, fire and rescue liaison, staff communications and training.

Fire Risk Assessments in Cornwall and the UK

Fire Risk Assessments

Chough Fire Safety Associates can carry out a dedicated fire risk assessment on your behalf, providing a report and table of management actions for you to follow to satisfy your regulatory responsibilities. We can integrate with on site data or, for multiple sites/buildings, utilise our internet based risk management system.

Marine Fire Safety Cornwall and throughout the UK

Marine Fire Safety

Chough can ensure that within the self-contained environment of a sea going vessel whether alongside or at sea-when it is totally self-reliant- that all the fire safety measures and firefighting aspects are covered. This will assist you to effectively deal with any fire related emergency you may have when afloat.

Chough Fire Safety Associates provide bespoke Fire Safety Training in Cornwall and throughout the UK

Fire Safety Training

Chough Fire Safety Associates Ltd can provide bespoke Fire Safety Training on the appropriate precautions and actions to be taken by employees and owners to safeguard themselves and other persons on the premises. We can develop the training based upon your fire risk assessments and deliver the training either at your premises or our facility at Roche where we also host CPD fire safety related seminars. In addition to our face-to-face services we also offer online CPD accredited training courses.