Marine Fire Safety

Over the years many fire incidents have happened throughout the world on all types of vessels from large super tankers to small motor craft and sailing vessels. The majority of these incidents have resulted in damage and on some occasions with a serious loss of life.


Common Problems

Lack of awareness and surroundings
To carry out safety checks before anyone sets sail in whatever vessel are essential. The larger vessels, this is more a procedure set out by a company, but the smaller pleasure craft are self-regulatory and the need for more awareness, training and advice is obvious. Once the owners have a basic Fire Safety awareness of the use of the on board facilities of all vessels, it will give everyone a safer and much more pleasant time when at sea.

Lack of proper maintenance to equipment-life saving equipment
There is a need to ensure all safety equipment is regularly maintained and serviced. To complete the fire safety/equipment checks before every departure will become second nature to owners, i.e. the commercial carrying of cargoes worldwide or for pleasure sailing/cruising.

Lack of proper training in the use of on board equipment and a safety plan/strategy
In particular these smaller craft do have different hazards and risks particularly when alongside or indeed at sea. A fire safety/strategy plan are essential for every vessel. A few simple checks/measures may not stop all incidents, but the vast majority could be nullified and therefore greatly reduce any possible unwanted outcomes. Remember when at sea to summon assistance may take days, time not available to you; so your prevention and awareness could possibly save your vessel or another in distress from the devastation of a fire whilst at sea.

Lack of a current suitable and sufficient fire risk assessment and for a marina and/or port/dockside associated buildings
Marine Fire Safety does not stop there as the need for the port terminals, marinas and their associated buildings need to have Fire Risk Assessments completed, as they are all workplaces, and are therefore covered by the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 (RRO) as a statutory requirement.

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