Fire & Emergency Planning

Emergency Planning for Fire and Flood in Cornwall

Fire Emergency Planning: Organisations with responsibility for property or people must plan for fire and other emergencies. Chough Fire Safety Associates works with many sectors to support them in fulfilling this responsibility, and our consultants are recognised as leaders in the field.

We assist our clients to communicate the risks identified in both Regulation 38 project documentation and the occupancy fire risk assessment by testing the designed fire strategy and developing fire policy and procedures with clear Evacuation Plans for all areas of operation.

Chough Fire Safety Associates provide expertise to supplement in-house resources that link incident management plans to business continuity plans.

We adopt an integrated risk management (IRM) approach to each undertaking to build a comprehensive strategy that ensures that should a ‘Major Incident’ be declared either externally or internally that your incident management command structure is compatible with the Emergency Services to minimise incident impact.

We can assist with business impact analysis, threat and risk analysis and compare with local category 1 responders risk assessment for your area.

We can also assist in exercising your plans; rehearsing key staff; testing systems which are relied upon to deliver resilience and validating the plans.

Emergency Evacuation Plan from Chough Fire Safety Associates Ltd Cornwall

Our plans can be designed to existing house styles and integrated into bespoke evacuation systems for larger premises.

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Fire and the Economy

During the last recession (1990-­93) the number of deliberate fires increased from 53,000 to 80,000.

Recession is also thought to be likely to increase the number of fraudulent and malicious cases of arson. Around half of all fires at business premises are caused by arson.

Social unrest -­ the riots within London, Birmingham, Croydon and other places were a stark reminder of risk of crime in UK and with many premises lacking the levels of ‘protection’ for such intense and sustained attacks! (AVIVA Insurance 2013).

Fire and Emergency Planning services in Cornwall

Fire and Emergency Planning services in Cornwall